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Stress Management

Are you deeply struggling with stress and anxiety? Read my thoughts below for assistance...

As a massage therapist & life coach it is part of my job to study stress and find solutions to eradicate it's heaviness while also creating tools to cope (and then redirect) when stress arises again.

The answer to finding peace in deep stress or chaos is focusing only on The Now; the present moment. Stress can not survive if we are bringing our full awareness & acceptance to the present. Allow me to explain:

Remember the time you were running late, frantically driving to your appointment and FLIPPING OUT over every red-light, slow driver, and person that cut you off barely holding it together? You were not stressed out because you were driving--you were stressed because you were not where you wanted to be in the future. By bringing acceptance into The Now (driving), you could make the choice to roll down the windows, bump your favorite tune, and embrace the car ride however long it may take, and find thankfulness for the peace & time this moment created for you to enjoy a car-ride to pray and rest in the stillness. Stress wasn't the DRIVING. Stress was not being where you wanted to be in the future. Stress doesn't live in the present moment; it lives in the past we can not change or the imaginary future of what may come, and all the responsibility that compounds and accompanies that.

Stress is a response to thinking about future unknowns & worry, (which are imaginary problems) OR reliving the past over and over again like a hamster on a wheel that you are powerless to change.

Whatever chaos you may have in your life, know that your power is in what you do to maximize the present moment, bringing acceptance to The Now, and reconciling your past to create a beautiful future.

I am doing a free seminar on this topic at AlmaDiem on Wednesday September 2nd at 12:00 noon for anyone wanting to go into this subject further. If you are struggling with stress management, anxiety, or simply want to refresh your existing understanding come on down for shared enlightenment.
I'm sending you all my love and support on your journey. 

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