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Victor of Circumstance: Intuition.  Spirit.  Guidance.

Victor of Circumstance: Intuition. Spirit. Guidance.

Intuition.   Spirit.   Guidance.

It’s huge! You know what I’m talking about—that initial burst of information that we pass off as paranoia, over-thinking, fear, skepticism, and the list goes on. It’s that initial wisdom that we receive from ourselves and the divine in any situation which could ultimately change our course from a life of “oh wells” to a life of “do tells.”

So why do we ignore it or dismiss it like we do? It’s simple. We want to believe and trust with our heart’s desires instead, going with what we think we want and feel rather than truly listening to what it is that the divine is trying to say. It “feels” better and is much more enticing or alluring to go with the heart, however there are times that it’s imperative for our well-being and that of others to look beyond what we think we really want for answers and guidance.

Case in point. Recently I had a personal dilemma that I had been seeking spiritual guidance for and, not only once but three times did I completely dismiss the divine’s answers through my intuition. My heart wanted to see only the best possible scenario in a newly budding relationship all the while my God and intuition were showing me something contradictory of that. (My unwillingness to surrender only led to prolonging the inevitable truth :P)  Why would I do that? It’s because I wanted my own personal desires to be the answer, meanwhile completely overlooking what was destined, apparent, and completely God’s will. We as humans have a tendency of passing off our first instincts as something other than just that. How many times have we all thought back and recalled a scenario, wishing that we had only taken heed and acted upon it at that time. WOW! So much unnecessary and miss-used time, energy, money, and emotions that we could have spared ourselves and others.  

For anything to provide proper direction it must be based on objective truth. That is to say that whatever is consulted for guidance must reach a conclusion based on objective truth and not subjective, emotional inference.

With that said, I challenge each of us as enlightened and spiritual individuals to be more mindful and intentional with ourselves, our intuition, instincts, spirit, source (whatever your choice) in the future. We need to learn to trust those all the while making mental notes of the outcomes when doing so. Sure, we can all dismiss our first gut instinct from time to time, but to do it more than once in a single situation is ludicrous. (I know, I know…)

Go with your gut- God! I promise, your heart will thank you later.
Love and Blessings,

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