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Making It To Monday

Making It To Monday

Friday night is pizza and movie night.  It is a tradition that has outlasted 3 moves, endless out of town trips, and new babies.  Regardless of what is happening in our world, we always pause for pizza and a movie.  It is like the period at the end of our week.  We snuggle, we laugh, we sometimes cry, we eat popcorn, and always go to bed late.

If Friday is the period, then Saturday is the exclamation point!  We wake up early and rush to piano lessons.  Then we shovel lunch before the birthday party, or soccer game or dance recital.  We rush (again) home to clean and get ready for a dinner out, or in, with friends.  After a lovely and energetic evening, we leave the dishes in the sink and fall into bed exhausted.

Sunday is the traditional day of rest. HA!  You mean church... with little people.  Is it snack time? I need to go potty.  Are we done yet? Why are they singing again?  Can you hold me? Can you put me down?  I need to go potty again. I want to sit in his seat.  Are we done yet? By the time church is over on Sunday morning, I need a nap and a mimosa. If we happen to experience a Sunday afternoon with no soccer game, piano recital, or birthday party to attend, we run errands.  Because running errands is definitely restful.  Then we rush to finish homework, take baths, clean rooms, do chores and prepare for our week ahead.  At the end of the day, the dishes from Saturday are still in the sink and again we fall into bed exhausted.

If your home is like mine, then I say "Congratulations" you made it to Monday.  The alarm clock wakes me up instead of the toddler.  The coffee is ready and the breakfast is quick and easy.  The rush is fast and busy and loud.  But it is the same kind of rush that it is every other weekday, so it is a rushed routine.  The kids are off to school and I am home cleaning up  breakfast dishes and drinking coffee.  At work it is Monday. There are a million things to do, but it is routine.  I know I'll pick the kids up at 5 and head home for the evening routine. 

Monday grants me serenity amidst the chaos.  It offers me the beginning of consistency and regularity for the week.  It is my mission to bring awareness to the glory of Monday.  Monday is certainly worth celebrating!

*Welcome to Monday. You made it! Each Monday you can find me here at Making it to Monday on AlmaBlog talking about all things family.  You can also catch my blog anytime at


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