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Victor of Circumstance: Out with the Old

Victor of Circumstance: Out with the Old

In life, I've grown rather accustomed to stories, wisdom, and knowledge unveiling themselves to me during the least expected of times. These gems usually come to me while I’m doing a chore, working on a project, or in the car or shower. It’s when I am completely consumed and surrendered to the task at hand that my creator has a quiet and subtle way of getting my attention and teaching me his will, his way.

I caught myself in the midst of a lesson just this week while I was doing my semi-annual closet clean-out and seasonal exchange of clothing, shoes and accessories. What began as a dreaded chore transformed into a soul cleansing, heart tugging and mind clearing purge.

I spent about 24 hours putting away my fall and winter wardrobe and replacing it with my fresh and newly laundered spring and summer duds. As I packed away the sweaters and boots I began reflecting on what had served me well during the crisp, cold winter months. I recalled the warmth and coziness of my favorite sweaters and the joy and excitement of my newest and most favorite boots had brought me.

What I hadn’t anticipated was what would come up for me next. My friend, this is where “listening, allowing and being completely surrendered” pays dividends.

As I continued packing away the sweaters I began to come across several items that had never even been worn. They had inadvertently been shuffled to the back of the closet and I’d completely forgotten about them. I remembered having such excitement about when I bought them about where, why and how I might wear these fabulous pieces and yet there they were—hiding in the back with tags still attached, untouched, unloved and dormant.

How could that possibly have happened? And how, for the love of money and fashion how in the world did I ever forget about such beauties, you might be wondering? (me too!)
Wait for it… Wait for it… Here comes the Glory…
During those long and cold winter months I played it safe and stayed comfortable for the most part. I chose to wear pieces and outfits that were most familiar and easy for me. I knew how they looked and felt while I wore them and what worked and didn’t work. Yeah, sure, I wore a few newer pieces occasionally to stir up a little creativity, but mostly I stuck with the old habit and routine of reaching for my “go to’s.”

Ah Ha! There was the answer, the lesson, the wisdom for the day. We do this ALL THE TIME!
We start something new, we’re excited and full of dreams, ambition, drive, energy, enthusiasm, big goals, passion and pure LOVE for it and then…we wonder where we went wrong or went astray and how we lost all of it?!

It’s because we kept making our “go to” choices, doing our comfortable options and our usual and “normal” way of being in the everyday recurring theme. This behavior always produces the same results. The good stuff, the new stuff, the dreams, goals, aspirations, blessings, the WOW’s, all slowly and inadvertently get shuffled to the back of the closet until they are so far out of sight that they become forgotten. (Insanity = doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.)

“If you want something different, you have to do something different.”

So again, I write in order to relate with you in hopes that my journey will encourage and enlighten yours. Don't lose sight of that which you have passion! Keep it fresh, keep it current and keep it within arms length at all times.

Love and Blessings,


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