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Meet An AlmaAngel: The Modern Seamstress

Meet An AlmaAngel: The Modern Seamstress


If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my very short time being a self-employed business owner, it’s that opportunities come knocking when you least expect it.

A couple weeks ago I saw down with Melanie Sanchez, Girl Boss Extraordinaire and CEO of Alma Diem. Alma Diem is a business community that house like-minded entrepreneurs under one roof while also providing amazing support like business coaching and a ton of social media and marketing support.

I hadn’t started seriously thinking about a physical location for Modern Seamstress, but the timing was perfect – my custom work has grown to include clients who aren’t friends or family and I’m starting to get interest in my classes from the general public. Both of these were reason enough to move operations out of my dining room and into a proper business location.

  The New AlmaAngel Space

The New AlmaAngel Space

So what does this mean for Modern Seamstress?

1. Starting in May all of my sewing classes and workshops will be held at Alma Diem located at 222 South Peters Road in West Knoxville. I will have space for up to 15 per class as well as parking, restroom facilities and a more convenient location for the majority of my students.

2. Starting this week, all of my custom client consultations will be held at Alma Diem.

I am so excited for this opportunity to not only legitimize my business, but also reach a greater market of clientele by being more centrally located. I could not have asked for a better co-working environment, and I’m already inspired by all the entrepreneurs who call Alma Diem home.

Stay tuned for my May class roll out!

We are so happy to welcome The Modern Seamstress to the AlmaDiem Family. 
You can read more about her on her blog
or find her on Facebook here

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Making it to Monday- Pardon my mess. We are all a work in progress

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