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Find Your Way Back To Health

Find Your Way Back To Health

I’ve been leading a Group Coaching class for a few months now. It has been my pleasure and privilege to watch the people in my class grow bolder and stronger in their quest for vibrant health. As a group they are beautiful and big-hearted. Strangers at first, they are now fast friends who can share laughter, triumphs and struggles.

Their stories mirror so many I hear: the time they have invested in relationships to spouses, family and friends have shaped their lives in grand and fulfilling ways. But the years have taken their toll, and now it is time for some self-love and self-care.

So they find themselves in my class. Here they learn how to find joy and ease in nourishing their bodies and spirits. They are feeling better and finding better sleep. Their weight is changing in a good way. They are cooking and eating new foods and learning just how delicious those foods are. They are becoming educated connoisseurs, and they know the secret
that living foods are simplest to prepare because of the excellent flavor that accompanies the freshest and the best.

Here are some comments from members of my current coaching group:

Camille is compassionate, intelligent, and supportive. She has helped me work
toward my health goals by providing knowledge about nutrition and encouraging
me to improve my lifestyle choices. With Camille’s guidance, I am finding a new
path to better health! — Ann

When trying to lose weight in the past I was always told, “You can’t eat this. You
can’t eat that.” Camille has taught me what I can eat! I’m sleeping better, have
more energy, and best yet my whole family is eating healthier! — Billy

If you would like to know how to find your way back to health, please email me at I’d love to show you how to love foods that love you back. -Camille Watson, Holistic Health Coach of and Essential Kitchen

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