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Fashionable Friday with Donna Roland: Fashionable Shades!!

Fashionable Friday with Donna Roland: Fashionable Shades!!

Hello Beautiful!

Summer is here and the sun is shining brightly! So we all need to protect those baby blues (or greens, or hazels, or browns).  Of course we need sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun's rays but we also want them to look good on us too!  So how do you choose?

They come in all types of stylish styles, colors, shapes and price ranges so have fun experimenting with them until you find the perfect pair (or two).  You can really make a fashion statement with the ones you choose so have fun this season and pick some really cute ones!

As with regular eyeglasses, it is important that you choose the right frames for your face shape.  As in choosing all of your accessories, the most important thing to remember is to make sure the proportions match your body frame size.  Choosing the right color of frames is also important so they should be in one of your best colors for your dominant color characteristics.

Oval face shape:
This is the face shape that can wear most everything. Just remember, if you have smaller features, make sure you choose smaller frames and if you have larger features you will want to choose larger frames. You can wear round, aviator, square, butterfly and most any of the styles.  The goal is to stay in balance and proportion. Oval faces usually have balanced proportions so most any shape is going to look good on you!

Round face shape:
Since your face is round (wider around your cheekbones), you will want to choose frames with a more angular look.  You probably have fuller cheeks so you will want to choose frames that make your face look longer and thinner.  Good choices for you are rectangular or square and cat eyes can sharpen your softer features. Stay away from round frames that will exaggerate the fullness in your face.

Heart shaped face:
For your heart shaped face (broader forehead and narrow chin) you will want to make sure that your frames are wider or bottom heavy to make the chin look wider and balance out your face shape. Round edges are good to soften the wider part of your face.  Other shapes that are good for you are butterfly and cat eye shapes.

Square face shape:
Since you have more sharp angles to your face (strong jaw, wide forehead and cheekbones), make sure you choose frames that don't have hard angular lines but find ones that are round or oval that will soften those strong features. It is important that you find frames that are wider than the fullest part of your face. Choose frames that will make your face look longer.  Good choices for you are round, cat eyes, aviators and narrow ovals.

So go have fun and try on a few pair to see which ones flatter your face best!

Not sure what your face shape is?

There are several ways to find your face shape by looking on line or I just discovered a great app this week called β€œFace Shape Maker”! You can download the app on your phone and use a picture of yourself to outline your face shape and it will tell you which category you fall in.

I hope you are enjoying your summer so far and are protecting your skin and eyes from the glaring sun while having fun doing your favorite summer activities!

Certified Christian Image Consultant

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