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Fashionable Friday with Donna Roland: Jump into Fall

Fashionable Friday with Donna Roland: Jump into Fall

It may be September but I am still thinking summer! With this weather it still feels like summer too. The first day of fall isn’t until the 22nd so I thought I would share with you some of my favorite summer things that can take you right into fall!

I love wearing white jeans or pants in the summer time. I think they are a nice, crisp look and you can pair so many tops with them to look bright and fresh. You can dress them up or dress them down. One of my favorite pairs is the So Slimming from Chico’s. And hey y'all, this southern girl even says it's ok to wear them after Labor Day!



Another favorite fashion item is a denim top! I love these and I have several different ones. I particularly like the tunic length ones and they look great with the white pants. These can be worn pretty much year round.


I have recently discovered a new nail polish. Essie came out with an easy 2 step system that just launched in May. It is called ESSIE GEL COUTURE . They have 42 colors to choose from and then you use the top coat. I have been wearing “Sheer Fantasy” this summer and I love it. It is a very sheer pink color and easy to apply. The top coat goes on easy too and it lasts over a week with no chipping! It comes off easily with regular nail polish remover. I have already purchased a couple of new colors for fall but this sheer color is good all year round too!

Another beauty item I discovered this summer is L'Oréal® Paris Sublime Bronze™ Summer Express Wash- Off Body Makeup Lotion. It has been wonderful when I wanted to have a little look of a summer tan on my legs when wearing a skirt. It is quick and easy to apply and then washes off in the shower. It doesn’t have a strong smell and it looks very natural. Great way to carry your summer tan into the fall!


I hope you are enjoying these last days of summer too because fall is just around the corner! Of course that will just bring another list of favorite things for me to share!

Donna J. Roland,
Certified Christian Image Consultant

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