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Fashionable Friday with Donna Roland: Hello Beautiful!

In my last blog post I described four specific Body Types for you and I hope you were able to decide which one fits you best.  Remember, you are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and God did not make any mistakes! We all have “challenge” areas where we gain weight (and these change as we age). I want to give you some tips for dressing your specific body type so that you will look more balanced. The goal is to dress so that we look like an “X”. These tips will help you to camouflage your challenge areas.

Remember, we can't dress for the body we hope to have or the one we once had!  So we have to dress for the body we have now.  It is more important that you buy the size that fits and looks best on you.  Also, remember just because something is “in style” it may not be the best style for you!

 If you are a "b" body type (you gain in your belly):
No belts around your waist
Don’t tuck in your shirt
Shirts and jackets should never end at the fullest part of your body
V-necks and long necklaces or scarves are good to wear

 If you are an "o" body type (overly endowed/gain in your bust area):
Most important item is a proper fitting bra
Shorter length skirt that falls at knee to show off legs
Pants with a slight flare – not too wide leg (don’t want to look boxy)
Prints make a full bust appear smaller (and a small bust appear bigger) Great camouflage! 

If you are a "d" body type (you gain in your derriere/hip area):
Pants with flared leg to balance the hips (remember- balance is the key!)
Shirts and jackets should never end at the widest part of your hips/thighs
Wear scoop or square necks to make shoulders look wider to balance with hips
Shoulder pads. Yes, you heard me correctly.  You can get ones that easily sit on your shoulders and you can wear with most all your tops.  

If you are an "x" body type (evenly balanced):
The main goal is to stay balanced –don’t wear things too tight or too loose
Straight leg pants are great
Fuller tops over skinnier bottoms and fitted tops over fuller legged pants (good rule for all body types)
Draw attention to the center of your body (belts are good for you)

These are just a few helpful tips to get you started on dressing your very best for your specific body type.  To learn more tips contact me about speaking to your women's group, church or business.  Or, if you are going to be in my area, contact me to schedule your very own Personal Style Analysis.

Donna J. Roland
Certified Christian Image Consultant


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