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Making it to Monday: Mom's with Medals

Making it to Monday: Mom's with Medals

At my next mom’s night gathering we are going to make medals for ourselves.

Not participation medals. But real life hard work I need a raise but all I get is this stupid medal kind of awards. They will be HUGE and make a whole lot of noise. When we walk through the grocery store with a cart full of grown up ice cream and freezer pizza people will hear our medals coming and give us a free pass because we are mothers with medals. 


Say for example your child had a tonsillectomy; before you even leave the hospital, the nurse would have you a big medal to hang around your neck.  On it would be the words “My kid had surgery.”  Or perhaps your husband is leaving for a long business trip, and before he walks out the door he hands you a medal “Traveling husband.”  Summer vacation comes with its own medal so we can spot each other alone at target at 10pm and give our Starbucks salute.  Our medals would be as popular as the “first time visit” buttons at Disneyworld.  People would stop and give us bottles of wine and cake and sweet grandparents who have been background checked and are perfectly safe would offer to sit with our kids on the bench at the grocery store while we use the bathroom in silence.  Our medals will tell the story that our messy buns and yoga pants wish to tell but are ashamed.  

We wouldn’t judge each other by the weight or size of our medals, but the existence of the medals will speak for themselves.  We would get medals for regular days too.  The words on the medals will scream the things our pride makes us hide. Things like "I scrubbed poop off the walls and didn't puke" and "potty training" or "Out of wine and survived." Of course "single mom" and "military mom" "cancer survivor mom" deserve giant loud flashy medals.   Our medals will be the respect of all of society and we would get high fives and cheers simply for our existence because hello- Mom!   

Happy Mother's Day my lovelies! Keep flying - we are made for this beautiful and brutal life. 


Welcome to Monday, you made it! You can find me here at Making it to Monday on AlmaBlog talking about all things family.  You can also catch my blog anytime at  or on facebook at   –Kristen

The Powerful Onion

The Powerful Onion

Happy Mother's Day!!