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Fashionable Friday with Donna Roland: It’s summer!

Fashionable Friday with Donna Roland: It’s summer!

Hello Beautiful!

Wednesday was the official first day of summer! It is that dreaded thing we do every year...we choose a dozen or two swimsuits off the racks and take them into the dressing room and start the process.  Then it begins...the top is too tight, the bottoms are sagging, the color isn't right, it shows too much skin, it pinches, it pulls, it isn't comfortable, etc. etc. etc.....  We leave the dressing room frustrated and with no purchase in hand and find the nearest food court to drown our sorrows.  Am I right?!

Well I hope to help you make this dreaded process a lot easier by choosing a suit that is best for your body shape!

If you are a "b" body type (belly):

  • Wear a suit with minimizing fabric (like the Miraclesuits)
  • Patterns are best to camouflage your tummy
  • Tankinis with loose fitting tops are great (these are my favorite)
  • Halter tops are very flattering

If you are an "o" body type (overly endowed):

  • Choose one with a strong bra built in for support
  • Patterns that camouflage the bust area are best
  • Wear a suit with minimizing fabric (like the Miraclesuits)
  • Show off those wonderful legs

If you are a "d" body type (derriere): 

  • Choose wider shoulder straps to balance out the hips
  • Horizontal stripes or patterns at the top help add balance
  • Skirted suits are good for you; but make sure they end below where you are the widest
  • Wear some fun, bigger earrings to draw attention to the face

If you are an "x" body type (evenly balanced):

  • You can wear most any type of swimsuit
  • Just make sure you are staying balanced all over (if you have any challenge areas)
  • Choose one that is going to showcase the silhouette of your body
  • A proper fit is a perfect choice

Now be brave and go into that dressing room with confidence and select the suit that is perfect for you!  Don't forget the cute cover-up, sandals, tote and sunglasses too!


Here is a blog post that went viral about a Mom trying on Bikinis with her Daughter that I think is great!

Don’t forget the Summer Style Special!  Book now for June or July and get $25 off!!  I am available to do these at the Alma Diem office!!


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Hydrate Yourself!

Hydrate Yourself!

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A Good Egg