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Fashionable Friday with Donna Roland: Nothing to Wear?

Fashionable Friday with Donna Roland: Nothing to Wear?


Do you have a closet full of clothes but “nothing to wear”?  Do you go shopping and spend hours at the store but come home with nothing because you weren’t sure what to buy? Maybe it is time for you to schedule your very own Personal Style Analysis!

So what IS a Personal Style Analysis you ask?  I will spend 90 minutes with you and help you to solve all your fashion needs and love the woman in your mirror!

I will conduct a personal Color Analysis to determine what your “Color Code” is and give you a set of Personalized Color Swatches with your 36 best colors.  You will be able to take these with you when shopping in the store or in your own closet and know exactly what colors will make you shine!  (Some colors will drain you and some will make you look beautifully vibrant!) We will also go over the best make-up colors and hairstyle for you!


I will determine your Body Shape and let you know all the best styles to wear to flatter your figure!  I will go over the best undergarments and hemlines for you!


I will determine your Frame Size and show you how to complete your outfits with the perfect accessories that are best for you!

We will discover your “Fashion Personality” and I will give you all the best places to shop!

You will receive your very own “Style Guide” with all of the information we go over during our consultation along with some other valuable handouts!

This will be “your time” that you definitely deserve and you will be left with all the tools you need to know how to always choose the perfect outfits every time without all the frustration!

So…don’t put it off any longer and take advantage of the Summer Style Special I am running now!  You get $25 off the regular price!  Contact me to learn more and schedule your time now!

You can also bring a friend along and do it together!!


Fluttering Around

Fluttering Around

Fashionable Friday with Donna Roland (on a Wednesday!): Happy July!

Fashionable Friday with Donna Roland (on a Wednesday!): Happy July!