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Fashionable Friday with Donna Roland: What’s your Fashion Purse-onality?!

Fashionable Friday with Donna Roland: What’s your Fashion Purse-onality?!

What’s your Fashion Purse-onality?!

It has been a busy summer full of Personal Style Analysis appointments and I have LOVED helping all these ladies discover their very best colors, styles and accessories based on their individual coloring, body shapes and sizes!  Maybe you have seen a few of these ladies on my Faithfully Fashionable Facebook page.  FaithfullyFashionable 

Do you know what your fashion “Purse-onality” is?  Yes, we each have our own fashion personalities!  You know what styles and trends you like and that’s what makes you the style you are.  I am giving you some descriptions below so you can see which one suits you best!


Pure Natural

  • Adores fabrics like cotton, silk and linen.
  • Casual, loves the outdoorslifestyle
  • Feels best in clothes that are loose, soft, and have an easy, comfortable feel.
  • Doesn’t own many heels, but may instead have comfortable flats or low wedges.


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Classic Modern  

  • Have lots of basics in your wardrobe but will add a modern, trendy piece to complete the outfit.
  • Wears traditional pieces of clothing and accessories and looks polished and put together.
  • Dresses sophisticated in a soft, elegant kind of way.
  • Wardrobe looks expensive yet probably found everything on sale because you know what you like and where to find it.

Creative Original  

  • You have an artistic style all your own.
  • Pairs a unique, colorful and bright jacket with an artsy skirt.
  • Wears bold patterns and prints when you want to add some splash to your outfits.
  • Shops vintage or thrift stores and finds one-of-a-kind jewelry and handbags.

Style Fashionista  


Always wears the latest trends and styles.
No trouble finding pieces that work with items you already have and loves going big and bold.
Can pretty much shop in any store and find something that looks fabulous!
Stands out in a crowd because you know what to wear, how to wear it, and how to accessorize it.

Did you figure out which one you are?  Or maybe, you see one that you would like to be! Go for it and embrace it!! Be the best YOU that you can be!!


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Fashionable Friday with Donna Roland: Fall Fashion !

Fashionable Friday with Donna Roland: Fall Fashion !