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Fashionably Friday with Donna Roland!

Fashionably Friday with Donna Roland!

Hello Beautiful!

Everyone is so excited about the new fall/winter trends so I thought I would  showcase a couple of the them and be watching for more coming soon!

There are a lot of fun trends for this upcoming season and there is something for everyone!


Florals were very trendy this spring and summer and they are being carried over to fall and winter too! They are a little darker this season – primarily in the background.  Pick the colors that are in your Color Code pallet and wear them as a kimono or a blouse or dress!  Or if you want to start out with just a little bit of florals in your wardrobe, try them on a scarf!



If flowers aren’t your thing then maybe checks are!  Checks and plaids are very on trend for the season and can be worn in many ways!  Make sure the size of the check is in proportion to your frame size so that the they aren’t overwhelming on you!


I hope you pick your favorite trend and have fun with it this fall!


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Cassa-my-roling with Cauliflower

Cassa-my-roling with Cauliflower

Casseroling Around Mac β€˜N Cheese

Casseroling Around Mac β€˜N Cheese