Camille Watson

Camille Watson

Camille Watson

Camille Watson is a health educator, owner of BASK Infrared Sauna, speaker, and published author of the book Eight Steps to a Real-Foods Kitchen. She began her quest for vibrant health over 30 years ago as she earned her degree in Nutrition. Her passion is to give individuals and groups the knowledge and tools they need to restore their own health through delicious whole foods and lifestyle transformations.

Head knowledge: Because of her education in both Nutrition and Health Coaching, she is deeply knowledgeable about the healing power of real foods and lifestyle transformations.  

Heart knowledge: Because of her  personal health adventures with celiac, food allergies, and digestion, she is in a unique position to genuinely understand the hurdles that stand between her clients and true healing of body and soul.

Camille’s pursuit of vibrant health extends beyond private consultations, group classes and workshops to the hiking trails of the Great Smokey Mountains where she can be found many a weekend morning in the company of her very significant other, Brad.

“I am convinced that the future of our health depends on a return to delicious whole foods and holistic restoration of our minds, our bodies and our spirits.”

Testomonials: I would describe Camille as sitting down at the kitchen table with an old friend, a friend with a wealth of knowledge about the foods we eat. I would recommend Camille to anyone wanting to feel better and live life to the fullest.  - Cathy

Camille was able to do for me what doctors were not able to do: treat the source so that the symptoms would disappear. In addition, she was a good listener, truly cared about my well-being, and held no judgments. Camille is not a doctor, she is much more: a health coach, a nutritionist, a friend. I recommend her without hesitation and hope that she will become a part of your journey to a full, healthy life.  - Shane

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