Kristen Lehman

Blogger, wife, and mother of 3, Kristen Lehman is a contributor for AlmaBlog. Kristen grew up in a beautifully faith filled family, who gave her the stepping stones to create a life centered around faithful service.

Kristen has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Masters degree from Loyola University in Pastoral Ministry. She has used her education and skills to create a vibrant youth ministry program at the largest Catholic Parish in the Diocese of Knoxville. She and her husband Will lived with and ministered to college students at East Tennessee State University, and she was on the core team in the creation of a small rural parish in East Tennessee. Kristen has continued to minister to children, youth, and adults throughout her life and career. 

Today, as a stay at home mom of 3, Kristen Lehman finds herself using her gifts kissing booboos, reading board books, helping with math worksheets, cheering uncontrollably at soccer games and spending every waking moment embracing the joy and challenge of motherhood. She cheerfully explains that she is "now charged with raising up the next generation to go forth with peace to love and serve the Lord."

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