Chief Executive Officer--AlmaDiem: A Business Community


Melanie is the creator and visionary of AlmaDiem. She is the chief organizer and motivator who carries a deep commitment to serving others. As a multi-passionate thought leader, Mel is actively striving to accelerate success for the entrepreneurs under AlmaDiem's roof. Her vision is to relentlessly pursue growth for the AlmaDiem brand while continuing to shine more light on its stars: small business owners and entrepreneurs who are changing the world one client at a time. 


A Note From Melanie

Welcome, y'all!  Just by visiting our site, you are making our dream come true. Thank you.

My mission is to provide a safe space and offer satisfying services to those seeking success, spirituality, mindfulness, and personal or professional fulfillment. My goal is to add more value to the community by housing and nurturing small business owners and the customers and clients they serve. I believe there are endless possibilities to live a life you love, and we are all called to awaken the gifts existing inside of us. At AlmaDiem we implement this by overcoming fear, deepening awareness, and learning to maintain joy in problem-solving. We enter into each day with the intention to maximize the present to arrive at our full potential and our motto is "Health, Happiness, & Holiness." If this seems up your alley, we welcome you home. 

Enjoy browsing our site and looking over our offerings. 

And, as always, "Never Underestimate the Power of Kindness,"

Mel Belle