Camille Watson

Camille Watson

Dr. Kate Flynn

Dr. Kate knows a lot about finding the sweet spot - that space at the intersection of our humanity and divinity where life unfolds with ease and grace - and she passionately shares what she’s learned with men and women tired of being stuck in the muck and mire of the mind and ready to move into the magic of the moment. She is an intuitive and creative visionary with the ability to break patterns of dis-ease down into their component parts so that the flow of health may be restored.

Dr. Kate is a chiropractor, intuitive healer, author, teacher, and speaker. She is the creator of Life in the Sweet Spot and is passionate about bringing people together in community for the purpsose of conscious evolution. She hosts 4-5 group activities and meditations at Alma Diem each month. Dr. Kate is the author of Activating Ascension and creator of the Meditation Made Easy cards.

In Dr. Kate’s private practice, she works with her clients to manifest their heart's desires through a shift of consciousness out of ego. She is able to show her patients the bigger picture and develops blueprints for the meeting of their goals. Dr. Kate connects the dots and holds her clients in the space of unconditional love.

Dr. Kate wants you to know that you are infinite and limitless and when you stand in that power, anything is possible. She works with:

  • Those who feels stuck or trapped in the past

  • Those suffering from physical or emotional pain

  • Those whom the traditional medical model has failed

  • Those who know their purpose, but are having trouble putting it all together

Dr. Kate believes in the responsibility of empowering those seeking care so that they may ultimately see that true healing comes from within. She is happily married and helping to raise three wonderful children. Dr. Kate resides in Knoxville, Tennessee with her husband and their dog, Freddy.



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