Gail Alexander

Gail Alexander, CCMT,  Potter

Gail Alexander, CCMT, Potter

From the beginning of Gail's life she was brought up to appreciate the importance of good design, admiration for craftsmanship, the value of practicality and function--and the love of animals. 
When Gail wasn't sneaking the neighborhood animals into the house, which still remains a giddy past time to this day, she gave her entire life energy the last thirty-odd years to raising her two children, which you will find among this website. Yet she still yearned to find her calling beyond motherhood. It wasn't until her late 50's she found pottery...alas, she found the perfect fit to pour her creativity into. 
In her words, "I delight in the joy of pottery--a medium that makes the every day pieces beautiful. Pottery is an artistic vessel through which I can create function, practicality, magic and beauty." She says, "Even if the food you are eating isn't aesthetic or gourmet, it doesn't mean your plate or cup can't be.

In addition to pottery, Gail is a Certified Canine Massage Therapist, and specializes in soft tissue conditioning and muscle correction of canine companions.  
 AlmaDiem would not exist without the love, support, time, and care of Gail Alexander. It was her mother Ann who has been a whispering wind of inspiration from inception, and it is Gail who continues to be the wind beneath Melanie's wings. 
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