Camille Watson

Camille Watson

Molly Miketo

Molly Miketo is the creator of InFullSight and happiest when she is connecting with others, laughing, and experiencing joy!
Her path to her own joy began 10 years ago, when she first met the Akashic Records.  It was a brand-new experience that was a bit left of center for her, and yet, after her first meeting, she felt right at home and knew this was going to be a permanent part of her life.  She continued to learn about the Akashic Records and how to work with them (for herself and others) through Akashic Records Consultants International.  Currently, she is pursuing her teacher certification with them.


In the fall of 2017, she realized it was time to leave her Director’s position in Corporate America and live the life that was in alignment with her passion.   InFullSight was born to assist people in living authentically: shedding patterns, behaviors, and attitudes that no longer serve them to be fully, freely, openly, and joyously themselves always.  Molly loves connecting with others so they can experience the Beauty, Joy, Wonder, and Peace of working with their Akashic Records in pursuit of living authentically.





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