Terry Alexander aka “Twink”

Terry "Twink" Alexander

Terry "Twink" Alexander

Eternal optimist, woman of faith, steel magnolia, and foodie extraordinaire, Terry Alexander (aka “Twink”) believes that no problems exist that a glass of wine, conversation and a good meal on her back porch can’t solve.

Career administrator by day with a wealth of experience in both the public and private sector, she loves to unwind by practicing “cooking therapy” in her kitchen. She admits that she loves thinking about, reading about and writing about food. 

Southern to the core, her favorite pastime is to cook, entertain and create recipes that warm the heart and nourish the souls of her family and friends. 

 Nurturer, wife, mother, sister, daughter, auntie, friend and newest favorite role as “Mimi” yield many opportunities for her to showcase her cooking and entertaining skills. When her schedule allows, she will cater events tailored to the culinary tastes and lifestyle of the client as well as events at AlmaDiem. She is also a proud blog contributor on AlmaBlog. Hop on over to read her delicious recipes and the stories that escort them.