Melanie Alexander

Melanie Sanchez    CEO of AlmaDiem

Melanie Sanchez CEO of AlmaDiem

As a modern Renaissance woman, Melanie Alexander has created multiple socially and spiritually conscious companies from the ground up. She is an innovator, thought leader, entrepreneur, and CEO of AlmaDiem. The AlmaDiem model houses entrepreneurs under one roof, while also existing as a retreat & inspiration hub for the general public. Her personal brand is busy helping transform the lives of others by inspiring & awakening the possibilities within.

Melanie's Menu of Services

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
Are you an entrepreneur looking for luxurious office space in the heart of West Knoxville with a built in community of positive-minded fellow business owners? If so, submit your name, business, questions, and/or inquiries to or call 865-567-4847 today to set up your tour.

Business Consulting
Through Our Lord's guidance Melanie has created multiple successful businesses from the ground up. She is equipped to share resources & wisdom to send her clients on the path to success and financial freedom. She offers counsel in brand development, building clientele, creating marketing strategies, cost-structure analysis, and/or developing infrastructures to scale your business. 

Life Coaching
Melanie believes there are endless possibilities to live a life you love. She assists in the process of transformation for people who want to make a change but feel stuck, feel called to a different job/career, want to pursue a life-long dream and don't know where to begin, or are seeking techniques to repair relationships and activate forgiveness and healing. 

Motivational Speaking
Melanie's career has taken her all over the globe hosting seminars and workshops, emceeing events, and motivating crowds. Her topics are high-energy, content-rich, powerhouse-presentations that educate & enhance professional and personal development. 

Contact Information
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