Office Suites for Small Business Owners

AlmaDiem offers office suites for positive-minded entrepreneurs who have channeled their energy into something they call business. If this sounds like you, check out our amenities and pricing below!

Our Amenities Include:

  • A beautifully designed high-end facility

  • Large offices with floor to ceiling windows

  • Our Alma Suites (permanent office space, freedom to design & furnish).

  • Free access to Atrium Event Space to host meetings, seminars, classes, workshops, or events

  • Cross-pollinating & strategic partnership opportunities with the AlmaDiem Entrepreneurs

  • Utilities (water & electric)

  • Convenient West Knoxville Location

  • Call today to set up your tour and get more information! 865-567-4847

Copy of Alma Program

Alma Program

$925 a month, one year investment

Our Alma Program is designed for the seasoned professional in need of permanent office space. Included is a spacious office with 180 square feet (15’x12’) with floor to ceiling windows.

Almas are allowed the freedom to decorate and furnish their offices to fit their needs and design aesthetic. Almas also receive unlimited access to the event atrium and common areas based on availability. If you are an established professional looking for prime real-estate in the heart of West Knoxville, this is the program for you!


Diem Program

$200 a month, one year investment

The Diem Program is for professionals who are in need of office space, however not full time. They are on-the-go visionaries who need a legitimate place to call home instead of meeting at trendy-overcrowded, loud-cafes and coffee shops. They are longing for colleagues, a sense of community, and networking opportunities to grow their business. Diem members have a shared, furnished office that they book with the convenience of our online app, Calendar Wiz (voted #1 on Forbes for booking). They are given access to the event atrium and common areas based on availability. If you are ready watch how commercial property will legitimize and scale your business all while inheriting a family of fellow entrepreneurs this is the program for you!